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Video: Omer Asik Snuffs Mbah A Moute’s Dunk At Rim

Omer Asik, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

Omer Asik, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports)

With a Timberwolves team hungry for a playoff berth, but still far enough away to make a No. 8 seed improbable, the Rockets had a tall task on hand, especially when considering Dwight Howard was out after having a fluid-filled cyst removed from his left ankle. That meant long-disgruntled backup Omer Asik would start in his place, and the Turkish 7-footer didn’t disapppoint during one epic stuff of Minney’s Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. Read More »

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Video: Kevin Love Hits Game-Winner In OT Past Triple-Team

Brandan Wright, Devin Harris, Kevin Love

Brandan Wright, Devin Harris, Kevin Love (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)

The Mavs played him perfectly, forcing him to pick up his dribble on the left block with Devin Harris on his hip, Shawn Marion coming to double and Jae Crowder hovering in the area for a seemingly insurmountable triple-team. And Kevin Love hesitated, just a tad, before pump-faking and bumping Harris in the chest. He pivoted through Marion’s double-team for some open space that had seemed like a mirage just a millisecond earlier. Brandan Wright was right there, too, but Love’s leaner arced over Wright’s outstreched hand and rattled through the iron to give the Timberwolves a 123-122 edge with just 11.1 seconds in overtime. Read More »

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Video: Ricky Rubio’s Falling Backward Left-Handed Layup

Goran Dragic, Ricky Rubio

Goran Dragic, Ricky Rubio (Rick Scuteri/USA TODAY Sports)

This looks like Goran Dragic just wants to hold Ricky Rubio‘s hand. Ricky, or Rick to friends, skipped past Dragic at the top of the key tonight when he crossed over to his left hand. But Goran wouldn’t let him go, and grabbed Rubio’s right arm before pulling him back to prevent the bucket. The foul spins Ricky towards the other side of the court. Rubio blindly flicks the ball with his left, off-hand into the net and says “Ta Da!” Read More »

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Ricky Rubio’s Sorta Kinda No-Look Pass To Kevin Love

Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio (Jesse Johnson/USA TODAY Sports)

We’re obsessed with the semantics of a no-look pass. The Suns gave us two “real” examples Tuesday night this week. Nene showed us a real no-look in the season’s first month, and Jeremy Lin had a no-look in December. Did Ricky Rubio toss one last night when the Nuggets came to town? Read More »

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Video: Ricky Rubio’s Psychic Behind-The-Back Dime

Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio (Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports)

The Minnesota Timberwolves lost, 120-113, to the Hawks Saturday night in Atlanta despite a monstrous 43-point, 19-rebound performance from Kevin Love. In the loss, Ricky Rubio only connected on one-of-three field goal attempts in over 31 minutes of action as he continues to shy away from pulling the trigger. But one of his 11 assists was so beautiful, it’s likely the only thing we’ll take away from the whole game. Read More »

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The NBA’s 10 Best Rebounding Guards

Iman Shumpert

Ricky Rubio (photo. adidas Basketball)

Guards in the National Basketball Association can generally shoot and pass the ball well. That’s what their primary jobs usually consist of on offense and that’s also essentially what they’re known for. However, some guards stand out for other skills. There are a select number of them who also possess the tools capable to rebound the ball at a high level. Read More »

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The 20 Biggest Wastes Of Talent In The NBA

Hasheem Thabeet

Eric Gordon (photo. Nelson Chenault/USA TODAY Sports)

Every name in this list had the potential to be stars in the NBA but have yet to — or will never — reach it. The list includes players drafted high that were expected to develop into quality professionals and have failed to do so. Most of these players have showed signs of success at times but have not lived up to expectations so far in their career, whether it’s injuries that are the culprits, or perhaps a messy attitude. Read More »

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Video: Ricky Rubio Breaks The Adorable Meter

Trey Burke, Ricky Rubio

Trey Burke, Ricky Rubio (Russ Isabella/USA TODAY Sports)

The Timberwolves, despite some poor showings recently, got a solid win on the road in Utah last night, 112-97. Because the game was in Salt Lake City, the Jazz Bear was in the house and brought a little girl onto the court during a prolonged stoppage in the third quarter. Ricky Rubio made the girl’s day complete by playing a little catch before play resumed. Their on-court exchange also simultaneously melted the hearts of spectators everywhere. Read More »

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The NBA’s 10 Most Underachieving Teams

Rudy Gay

Steve Clifford, Kemba Walker (Cary Edmondson/USA TODAY Sports)

There’s a clear difference in a team that’s attempting to tank and a team that is flat out bad. There are teams that are constructed to be bad. Take the Philadelphia 76ers for example. The roster consists of players like Elliot Williams, Lorenzo Brown, James Anderson and Brandon Davies. Bless your soul if you know who any of those players are. Read More »

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Kevin Love Chastises Teammates After Gerald Green’s Game-Winner

Corey Brewer, Nikola Pekovic, Ricky Rubio, Kevin Love

Corey Brewer, Nikola Pekovic, Ricky Rubio, Kevin Love (Brace Hemmelgarn/USA TODAY Sports)

The Minnesota Timberwolves are supposed to be in contention in a tough Western Conference, but after falling to the Suns on Wednesday night, 104-103, after a last-second Gerald Green jumper — they’re currently at the No. 10 spot in the West, two and a half games behind Dallas for the eighth seed and four and a half games behind the surprising Suns. Perhaps that’s why Kevin Love took the opportunity in his post-game comments to grouse about his teammates. Read More »