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Smack / Sep 5, 2011 / 1:13 am

The Heat Won’t Be Held Back

Chris Bosh

We’re not going to say this is progress because it isn’t, and it’s not a step in the right direction because we’re so turned around we don’t know which way is forward -basically we don’t know what the hell to call it so – yea. Chris Bosh told the Sun Sentinel he expects to begin some type of training camp regardless of the NBA lockout, saying that members of the Miami Heat will start working out with each other soon. “We’re going to make some plans. We’re going to plan to do something,” Bosh said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles. “I think just getting around each other, I think it’s important as far as team-building is concerned and just getting something going. We’re pretty much still in the process of doing that.” Hey, as NBA fans, we’ll take what we can get. Read More »