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NBA / Sep 27, 2013 / 2:15 pm

The Top 20 Power Forwards In The NBA Right Now

LaMarcus Aldridge

Amar’e Stoudemire (photo. Nike Sportswear)

Historically, this has been one of the most competitive positions in the entire NBA. The power forward position might not have had the iconic and celebrated figures like Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain and Magic Johnson but they have more than held their place in history: Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Elvin Hayes and Kevin McHale, not to mention the recent duo of Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett who are both sure-fire first-ballot Hall of Famers. Read More »

NBA / Sep 11, 2013 / 11:45 am

15 Big Men With The Best Guard Skills In The NBA

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki (photo. Nike Basketball)

Big men are asked to do more than ever in today’s NBA. Guys who can stretch the defense or pass out of the post or even put the ball on the floor have been instrumental to winning teams in recent years. That’s where this list comes in, where we measure the big men with the best guard skills. This isn’t a list based on past awards or titles, but simply a list of the big men with the best “little man” skills. Read More »

Fantasy Doctor, NBA / Aug 9, 2013 / 1:24 pm

The Top 60 Big Men In Fantasy Basketball

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard (design. Ryan Hurst)

While the whole country is gearing up for fantasy football, we here at Dime feel it’s never too early for fantasy basketball draft preparation. We’re in the process of breaking down each position into tiers, continuing in this post with the top spot belonging to the most sought-after free agent in the summer of 2013. Read More »

instagram, NBA, Style - Kicks and Gear, Twitter / Aug 2, 2013 / 11:00 am

The Top 15 “LOL” Moments Of NBA Social Media In 2013

samuel l. jackson tweet

Social media has taken over the game — literally. If you’re not front row and center watching your favorite team play, Twitter, Instagram and Vine have you covered.

While outrageous tweets occur as an NBA athlete watches interleague competition in the luxury of their own home, some of the funniest social media instances happen when athletes showcase their human side and some of their extra-curricular activities on our newsfeeds. In light of the animated personalities of the NBA’s brightest stars, we take a look at 15 of the funniest off-court social media moments of 2013. Read More »

GIFs, NBA, Video / Jul 26, 2013 / 10:15 am

Harrison Barnes Puts Ryan Anderson On a Poster During The Team USA Scrimmage (Gifs)


The Team USA scrimmage that aired yesterday on NBA TV provided plenty of thrills, but the driving dunk by Harrison Barnes over the impotent defense of Ryan Anderson, might have been the play of the game. Read More »

NBA / Jul 16, 2013 / 1:31 pm

Dime Q&A: Tyreke Evans Reveals His True Position & What Will Motivate Him In New Orleans

Tyreke Evans

Tyreke Evans (photo. Nicky Woo)

Not long ago, people referred to Tyreke Evans as a mini LeBron. We were talking All-Star Games, possible MVP selections and championships. But somewhere along the way, his national standing took a hit, and Sacramento eventually moved on without him. Now that he’s getting a fresh start in New Orleans, it’s time for Evans to reclaim his status as one of the best young talents in the NBA. Read More »

NBA / Jul 5, 2013 / 11:00 am

Ryan Anderson Is The Not-So-Secret Weapon Of The New-Look Pelicans

Ryan Anderson

Over 17 points and six rebounds a game… and nearly 40 percent from three-point range. That’s not your typical power forward stat line. But then again, Ryan Anderson isn’t your typical big man. He puts in threes more than he posts up. His foot speed is quicker than it should be at 6-10 and 240 pounds. Read More »

NBA / May 7, 2013 / 5:00 pm

David Lee, Blake Griffin & The NBA’s Top 10 Power Forwards Of The Season

Carlos Boozer (photo. Jeffery Salter)

The power forward position is without a doubt the most reliable position in the NBA. Most teams are going to struggle without a quality power forward to rely on when the going gets tough. When shots aren’t falling for the guards, power forwards are the guys to turn to. While centers primary focuses are rebounding and blocking shots, power forwards are relied on to do those things, and score in addition to that. Read More »

NBA / Apr 16, 2013 / 11:30 am

5 Lottery Teams Most Likely To Make The NBA Playoffs Next Year

Kevin Love

Kyrie Irving (photo. D.L. Anderson)

With the NBA Playoffs less than a week away, the fans of 16 teams are prepping themselves for the excitement of the second season, each team just 16 wins away from calling themselves world champions. However, there are 14 other teams that will not be able to take part in the playoffs. There is hope though, because with every new season brings another 82 games where anything can happen and any team can make the rise from bottom feeders to playoff contender. Read More »

Fantasy Doctor, NBA / Mar 22, 2013 / 2:15 pm

NBA Fantasy Risers & Fallers: 3.22

Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio (photo. adidas)

As the fantasy playoffs are either here or on the horizon, depending on your league settings, player values have fallen in place. Of course there are some exceptions. However, by this time statistics have evened out. The early hot streaks dissolve, and the underachievers have worked their way back into the fantasy hierarchy. Read More »