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Style - Kicks and Gear / Dec 19, 2014 / 5:30 pm

The 2014 Dime Holiday Gift Guide Has Everything

adidas Swingman Jerseys, Nike X-Mas Collection, Jordan Brand X-Mas, Reebok Question Mid Pump

It’s the last weekend before Christmas next week, and Hanukkah this year started earlier in the week and runs until Christmas Eve. Many will be scrambling for last minute gift ideas. Last year we gave you a gift guide before Black Friday, but this year, because there are so many incredible gifts, we wanted to make sure you’d see the very latest gear hottest games available this year. Don’t worry, you’ll get everything you need in time. We’ve got you covered. Read More »

Style - Kicks and Gear / May 2, 2014 / 8:18 pm

New LeBron Commercial Introduces The Samsung “LeBron” App

LeBron James

Every season, LeBron shuts his social media game down to tune up for the playoffs. However, this year it won’t matter. Thanks to Samsung‘s new app called, yep, “LeBron”, you can follow his every move all spring. From his workouts to his kicks to his game-day meals to even his family time, follow James as he shoots for a third consecutive title. Read More »

Style - Kicks and Gear / May 1, 2014 / 12:15 pm

Go Behind The Scenes Of LeBron’s Life With New Samsung App

Samsung "LeBron"

Today, Samsung Mobile US released “LeBron”, a new app designed to let fans into the home life and workouts of the greatest basketball player on the planet. Featuring exclusive video and images, the app will focus on LeBron James‘ life off the court while also featuring game highlights and stats. Read More »

Style - Kicks and Gear / Apr 22, 2014 / 4:03 pm

New Samsung Experience Game Time App Is Perfect For The NBA Playoffs

2013-14 Samsung Game Time App

The 2014 NBA Playoffs are upon us, but we don’t all have time to get in front of a television set to check out all the heart-stopping action. While the NBA’s Game Time App has always been a must for NBA fans, for select Galaxy devices, Samsung has unveiled the “Samsung Experience” to augment your connection to the NBA Playoffs this season. Read More »

Video / Dec 26, 2013 / 2:00 pm

Kevin Hart Teaches LeBron To Golf In New Samsung Commercial

Kevin Hart, LeBron James

LeBron James might not be Michael Jordan on the golf course, but he’s probably not Barkley either. Check out the latest LeBron spot from Samsung called “Golf Lesson” where comedian Kevin Hart is doing everything he can to teach the King a trick or two by using Golf Mode on the Galaxy Note 3. Read More »

NBA, Video / Oct 29, 2013 / 9:00 pm

New LeBron James Samsung Commercial “Always On” Is Impossibly Cool

LeBron James Chris Andersen

You’re probably like us, and mute most of the commercials TNT is featuring on their telecast of the Bulls-Heat game that ostensibly tips off the 2013-14 NBA Season. But when we saw the newspaper headline that opens the new Samsung commercial showing a day in the life of LeBron James, we turned the volume back on and sat down to watch, rapt like it was a playoff game. We weren’t disappointed. Read More »

Style - Kicks and Gear / Jun 16, 2013 / 9:46 pm

Jay-Z x Samsung “Magna Carta Holy Grail” Commercial

jay-z magna carta holy grail

In case you missed it as Game 5 went to the half, here is the Jay-Z commercial that mesmerized the world. The video shows Jay in the studio with luminaries like Pharrell, Swizz Beatz and Rick Rubin working on his new album and announcing its release date. Read More »

NBA, Video / Jan 31, 2013 / 4:35 pm

Video: Samsung Teases Its Super Bowl Commercial

Samsung Super Bowl

Samsung has already taken you behind the scenes of what it’s like to spend a day with LeBron James in Miami, a spot from November that is still one of our favorite ads of this NBA season. Just in time for the Super Bowl is a new teaser that goes behind the scenes in a fictitious Super Bowl creative session. Read More »