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NBA / Aug 31, 2010 / 11:00 am

How Much Do You Want It: The Miami Heat’s Battle To Be The Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

One way or another, there are going to be a lot of broken hearts in Miami this year. Either the new-look Heat don’t win a championship, or they do, and three guys who signed this summer don’t end up getting a ring. Now that Miami has inked former West Virginia star Da’Sean Butler, the 42nd pick in this year’s NBA Draft, he becomes the team’s 18th player under contract going into training camp. So while it’s going to be an uphill battle for Butler as he works to come back from a torn ligament in his left knee, let’s look at the roster and try and figure out who will be on the outside looking in this year. Read More »

Smack / Jul 28, 2010 / 1:09 am

Chris Bosh is the new Vince Carter

It’s funny how these NBA team execs get all critical of their superstars after they leave, and act like they weren’t all that in the first place, even though they probably just made an impassioned pitch trying to keep said superstar in town. Case in point: Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo, who in an interview yesterday hinted that Chris Bosh milked injuries, quit on the Raptors during this past season, and isn’t really a franchise player. Total PR move on Colangelo’s part — even taking pages from Vince Carter‘s Blueprint to Guaranteed Canadian Hatred — to make sure Bosh is the bad guy and the Raps are the good guys in the eyes of the public. Read More »

NBA / Oct 21, 2009 / 8:00 am

Miami Heat ’09-10 NBA season preview

Jermaine O'Neal

Last year we debuted the “Highs and Lows” system — previewing the NBA season by predicting the respective ceiling and basement for each team. Same theme, different season…

Added: Carlos Arroyo, Quentin Richardson, Shavlik Randolph

Lost: Jamario Moon, Luther Head, Mark Blount Read More »

Smack / Jul 4, 2009 / 6:03 am

Raptors get their #1 target; Rasheed waiting to make a call

Hedo Turkoglu (photo. Orlando Sentinel)

This has been a summer full of teases. The Cavs teased their fans into thinking it was their championship to lose; Sacramento was teased into thinking their terrible record would at least land them Blake Griffin; Ricky Rubio (might have) teased the Wolves into thinking he was their next PG; DeJuan Blair was teased into thinking he was a first-round pick; and Knicks fans were teased into thinking they had Stephen Curry in their pocket … Yesterday it continued, as Hedo Turkoglu apparently teased the Blazers into thinking they had him ready to sign for $50 million over five years, until — while he was in Portland visiting with his almost-new team — Hedo decided he’d rather go to the Raptors for $56 million over five … Read More »