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NBA, Style - Kicks and Gear / Oct 20, 2009 / 2:00 pm

What’s In The Box: NBA 2K10 Anniversary Edition

NBA 2K10 Anniversary Edition

One thing you don’t truly understand about the “real world” when you’re in school is what life is like in an office. For example, knowing the people that work at UPS and FedEx is a great thing. With so many things and people coming in and out of the office, sometimes things get lost in the shuffle. So when we saw a brown box just sitting by the door from our friends at 2K Sports, still unopened, we acted fast. Read More »

Style - Kicks and Gear / Sep 21, 2009 / 11:20 am

Michael Jordan x Shepard Fairey x Upper Deck

Michael Jordan

If you thought that every possible Michael Jordan Hall of Fame tribute had been done, you’d reconsider when you saw what Shepard Fairey put together. If you have the money to spend, these are likely to go quicker than some sneaker releases. Read More »