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NBA / Oct 14, 2008 / 9:55 am

Contest: Do You Talk Trash? – ONE MORE WEEK!

CONTEST NOTE: Fellas, one more week to win, check the details of the contest below and enter in the comments section.

I talk a ton of smack on the court. I’ll talk about your momma. I’ll talk about your game (or lack thereof). I’ll talk about what you’re wearing. I’ll say anything to get in your head or to fire up myself or my teammates. Giving you buckets and then letting you know about it is what gets me up in the morning.

Talking trash has never been so easy thanks to the new Reebok ATR Talkin’ Krazy. If you don’t know, here’s the deal: The outer part of the Talkin’ Krazy is made of dry-erase material and the shoes come with a washable pen. The entire body of the sneaker is up for grabs for talking trash. And you can easily erase and change it as you go. The problem is, I need some new material. Read More »