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NBA / Jan 9, 2014 / 3:45 pm

The 15 Best Shooting Duos In NBA History

Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry

It’s rare when you can have two extremely gifted shooters on your team. The game just flows easier when you have multiple guys that can knock down shots from the stripe. After their breakout performances in last year’s playoffs, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson (also known as “The Splash Brothers”) received the ultimate praise from their head coach Mark Jackson when he said in the Western Conference Semifinals last May, “I said I’ve got the greatest shooting backcourt that’s ever played the game.” Read More »

NBA, NBA Draft / May 30, 2013 / 12:00 pm

Allen Iverson, Michael Redd & Ranking The Best & Worst NBA Draft Classes From 1989-2000

Allen Iverson

Pundits and fans constantly analyze the NBA Draft, thinking they can nail the right pick. But sometimes you just get a bad draft. The draft might be deft of superstars and your favorite team may be left with a middling player who ends up sitting on the bench for the majority of his NBA tenure. And sometimes, you get a draft where you can’t miss. Read More »

Style - Kicks and Gear / Oct 24, 2012 / 11:00 am

Bidding Basketball: How To Be A Superfan In The Central Division

Chicago Bulls

The 2012-13 NBA regular season is right around the corner. For fans, this means it’s time to re-up on your team’s merchandise. Anyone can go to the nearest sporting goods store and pick up a brand new jersey or hat, but what about the unique collectibles that separate the dyed-in-the-wool fan from the bandwagon supporter? These can be found on eBay. In the weeks leading up to NBA tip-off, Bidding Basketball will scavenge the online auction site’s “infinite inventory of NBA junk” for rare, memorable and/or quirky basketball memorabilia from every team around the league. Read More »

NBA / Jul 28, 2011 / 12:00 pm

The 5 Most Memorable NBA Deals Of The 1999 Lockout

Stephon Marbury

Right now, moves in the NFL are being made so ferociously that I can’t even keep up. One minute it’s Donovan McNabb. Then dudes like Roy Williams are being released and Carson Palmer is talking retirement. Now it’s Albert Haynesworth.

With the lockout being abruptly lifted, it’s a mad dash to training camp, who can secure which players and who will come out on top. While lockouts have always sucked, the aftermath is normally like shoving all the owners into a closet, giving them caffeine and then telling them not to come out until at least half the teams have discussed epic trades. Read More »

NBA / Jul 27, 2011 / 12:30 pm

Seattle’s Best: The Pro-Am You Haven’t Been Hearing About

Jamal Crawford Summer Pro-Am

You know about the Drew League. You know about the Goodman League. You probably know about the Greater NC Pro-Am, too. But what about the Jamal Crawford Summer Pro-Am? You know, the summer league tucked in the most northwest portion of the United States, in the city that recently lost its NBA team? Yeah, that one. So far this summer, Crawford’s Pro-Am in Seattle is drawing enough NBA talent to rival other more famed summer leagues. Read More »

Smack / Jun 4, 2011 / 12:01 am

Shaq Gives Us A Fitting Ending; Madness Takes Over NYC

Shaquille O'Neal

It’s officially over. Shaq Diesel is done. For as long as he’s stayed in the spotlight and for all that he’s milked it for, O’Neal’s press conference speech was interestingly speedy. He must’ve had one sentence on each one of those index cards because he was flipping through them at will. He thanked everyone, from his family to his college coach to Phil Jackson to the media for the way they treated him over the years. And what would have been a Shaq press conference without a gimmick? Just as he sat down, he fielded a fake phone call from the Knicks asking him to come be their general manager … Read More »

College, Featured Gallery / Jan 10, 2011 / 12:00 pm

Auburn vs. Oregon: The All-Time Alumni Showdown

Ready or not for the NFL, Cam Newton might as well go pro after tonight’s BCS National Championship Game. Not only will his draft stock never be higher, but sticking around the University of Auburn next season means Newton won’t be able to buy a McChicken sandwich without somebody investigating where he got the 99 cents.

When Newton was spotted at Phoenix’s U.S. Airways Center during the Suns/Lakers game on Jan. 5 — looking like an unsigned power forward at 6-6, 250 pounds — it turned into more than just a celebrity sighting at an NBA game. Read More »

Smack / Aug 19, 2010 / 12:03 am

Recovery Plan: New-look Cavs getting over LeBron

LeBron is Gone, so Mo Williams is The Man in Cleveland

The getting-dumped process is going pretty much according to plan for the Cleveland Cavaliers. First there was the emotionally irrational behavior (burning LeBron jerseys the night of “The Decision”), then the period of pretending like you didn’t want to be with your significant other in the first place (Dan Gilbert’s open letter), then the optimism when you remember there are other fish in the sea (only the Cavs couldn’t get any of them to take the bait), and finally the cosmetic payback work — new wardrobe, losing weight, better car, etc. — to make the one who dumped you feel like ass the next time you meet. Hence the Cavs’ new uniforms that were unveiled yesterday to a mixed response. Read More »

Smack / Mar 9, 2010 / 2:02 am

“No LeBron, Mo Problems”

Mo Williams (photo. NBA)

That was Brent Barry‘s line before last night’s Cavs/Spurs game, his way of saying Mo Williams needed to step up and lead Cleveland since LeBron was out with a sore ankle. After sticking a big three midway through the fourth quarter to tie it, Mo (17 pts, 8 rebs, 8 asts) was at the line with nine seconds left and the Cavs up one. He made both free throws (between shots, did you see that girl in the crowd who looked exactly like J.J. Hickson?), and although Greg Popovich drew up a beautiful play to get Roger Mason a wide-open three, “No Shot Rog” bricked to complete his 0-for-8 night beyond the arc … Read More »

Smack / Sep 2, 2009 / 5:59 am

Stephen Curry, Warriors ready to rise; Celtics add another scorer

Stephen Curry

Between Stephen Jackson‘s trade request, Anthony Randolph‘s summer league breakout, and C.J. Watson‘s incredibly over-covered free agent situation (all this for a guy who’s like two steps above the minimum salary?), we’ve been talking about the Warriors a lot this offseason. Things have been such a mess in the Bay lately that it’s been assumed Golden State will stink again, but in reality, they could be better than you think. Monta Ellis will be healthy from Day One, everyone in the organization is convinced Randolph is about to blow up, Andris Biedrins will get his nightly double-double, and Kelenna Azubuike is one of the better sneaky-good players in the NBA. Read More »