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NBA / Jul 4, 2012 / 3:00 pm

Who’s Worse? LeBron’s 2010 “Decision” Or Dwight’s Trade Drama?

Dwight Howard

Players looking for the template of how not to leave their first team of course look to LeBron James‘ production of “The Decision” of 2010. It was nationally televised, egregiously self-contratulatory and mocked until LeBron and Co. won the NBA title in June. However, has it found its match in Dwight Howard? Both were No. 1 picks who felt or feel as if their first team is not a big enough stage to shine on or win titles at. We don’t want to rush to judgment on Howard’s my-way-or-I’ll-get-you-fired strategy, but we don’t think we’re being myopic when we say it’s set a precedent for tension. It’s going on a year since he hinted he wanted out. Now it’s a full-blown command: Trade me. So we put it up for debate: Who’s handling of their exit was worse? Read More »