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Video / Oct 30, 2014 / 6:15 pm

Watch Spider-Man Throw Down Ridiculous Dunks

Jordan Kilganon

Jordan Kilganon (photo. Hoopmixtape YouTube)

The last time Dime brought you footage of “Spider-Man” going off on the blacktop, it was secretly streetball legend The Professor donning the infamous red and blue costume in a series of terrific showcases of his unreal skills. While The Professor was busy tearing up the court during this past summer’s Ball Up tour, a new face has been suiting up as the Marvel hero. Based on the mix from Hoopmixtape, 6-1 high-flyer Jordan Kilganon brought out the athleticism, creativity, and craftiness that a basketball version of Peter Parker’s alter-ego must possess. Read More »

Playground / Jul 4, 2014 / 11:00 am

Video: Ball Up Streetball Louisville Highlights

"Air Up There"

The Ball Up Streetball crew made their next stop on a nation-wide tour to recruit players from around the country. After opening in Los Angeles, they stopped by Louisville, Kentucky’s International Convention Center where Kyle Lowry and Gilbert Arenas watched the Ball Up crew go to work. Read More »

Playground / Sep 12, 2013 / 11:30 am

Go Behind The Scenes Of The Professor’s Dribbling Workouts

The Professor

When he first busted through the door around 2003, you could go to any park in the country and catch a Professor wannabe. He was a monster basketball celebrity. AND1 was at its peak and the streetball craze was everywhere. Read More »

Playground, Smack / Aug 27, 2013 / 2:30 pm

The Professor Is Back To Embarrass Defenders In Spider-Man, Part 2

The Professor

The streetball legend Professor dressed up as Spider-Man recently and set the Internet on fire. Now he’s back for Part 2, which features a more theatrical look. The moves are just as good as ever. In fact, they’re better — you have to feel for some of these kids. It’s hard work getting embarrassed like this. Read More »

Playground, Video / Aug 20, 2013 / 3:14 pm

Air Up There, The Professor & Derek Fisher All Show Out In Ball Up Streetball Showcase

Air Up There

On a stop on the Ball Up streetball tour, Air Up There showed off those hops that have been ravaging streetball courts for nearly a decade, while Professor got in a few highlights of his own, often hooking up high-flyer G-Smith. Longtime Laker Derek Fisher even got a standing ovation from the capacity crowd at the Pyramid of Long Beach State, despite his squad losing after falling behind by more than 20 in the first half. Read More »

Playground / Jul 25, 2013 / 4:30 pm

Dime Q&A: The Professor Explains The Real Reason Why He Did The Spider-Man Video

The Professor

Grayson Boucher might seem to be an ordinary name from an ordinary 5-10 man from Oregon. It just so happens that the name belongs to The Professor, who is widely known as one of the best streetball players in the world. He was featured on the “AND1 Mixtape Tour” tour for several years before going to Ball Up in 2011. Read More »

Playground / Oct 11, 2012 / 1:30 pm

From Dime 71: The Professor Speaks On The Current State Of Streetball

The Professor

This Q&A was originally published in Dime #71. Check your local newsstand now to see the feature in its entirety…

Grayson Boucher, aka The Professor, has been a fixture on the streetball scene since he joined the AND1 Mixtape tour in 2003. Known for his slick handle and long distance shooting, The Professor is now part of the Ball Up team and is continuing to spread the gospel of streetball by touring all over the country this summer. Although he has been injured for the majority of this year’s Ball Up tour, which is being televised on Fox Sports, he was in high spirits before the Boston tour stop when he sat down to talk to us about his career thus far and his future. Read More »

Playground, Video / Aug 7, 2012 / 5:00 pm

Video: The Professor & Bone Collector’s “Life On The Road”

The Professor

We recently went up to Boston to hit up the Ball Up Tour where many of the players are well-known to streetball fans across the world. AO was in the house. So was The Professor. Bone Collector was hurt and didn’t play, but he was around as well. Now you can keep up with ‘Fess and Bone as they take to the road. Ball Up’s “Life On The Road” looks like it’ll be must-see for us. Check out the first three episodes below. Read More »

Playground / Jul 30, 2012 / 1:00 pm

The Ball Up Tour Hoping To Bring Back Streetball’s Glory Days

Ball Up Streetball Tour

You have to hand it to Ball Up CEO Demetrius Spencer. He has a vision and knows how to put on a show. Ball Up made their sixth stop of their 10-city tour in Boston last week and although The Professor was a DNP because of plantar fasciitis and The Bone Collector got injured in the first quarter, Team Ball Up soundly defeated their Boston opponents, 105-87, with an array of high-flying dunks, ballhandling exploits that confused their opponents and precision shooting. Read More »

Style - Kicks and Gear / Mar 2, 2012 / 2:30 pm

Opening New Doors: Peak Brand’s Official U.S. Launch

Peak Brand Launch

We’re always on the lookout for some dope new gear, and Peak has been threatening to break down the doors in this country for a while. Now, they’ve done it. Recently in Los Angeles, Peak Brand threw a release party for their official launch into the United States market. With the Chinese brand ambassadors having flown in to take part in the ribbon cutting ceremony, Peak also brought in a few celebrities, including the NBA’s Vice President and The Professor. Read More »