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NBA, Video / Jan 30, 2014 / 2:00 pm

The 25 Biggest Fails Of The NBA Season

Pierre the Pelican

Pierre the Pelican (Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports)

Monster dunks. Nothing-but-net threes. Alley-oops. All are wonderful moments we’ve witnessed so far this season. There have been plenty of good moments: KD‘s recent scoring outburst, ‘Melo‘s record-breaking game, and Greg Oden‘s return… none of which you’ll see on this list. This is dedicated to the bad and the ugly, the plays that left you thinking WTF was that, what were they thinking? This season has been one of the most competitive and fun seasons to watch in recent memory, but it’s only right we have some fun at the halfway point. Read More »

GIFs, NBA / Dec 20, 2013 / 10:30 am

Tiago Splitter Tips In Game-Winner To Beat Warriors

(Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports)

(Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports)

On Thursday night, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich again held his older stars out on TNT. Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker (shin contusion) sat on the sidelines, the Spurs’ second unit stole a victory against the Warriors at Oracle Arena in Oakland. Tiago Splitter tipped-in a missed Boris Diaw layup and the Spurs hung on for the 104-102 victory. Read More »

GIFs, NBA / Dec 2, 2013 / 10:30 pm

Video: Duncan’s Curving Outlet & More Elite Spurs Passing

Tiago Splitter

Passing isn’t usually as sexy as a dunk or a really intimidating block. But cold, methodical ball movement can decimate a defense that’s constantly playing catch-up. The Spurs keep their opponents off-balance by whipping the ball around the court rather than letting it stagnate in a single player’s hands. Watch as Tim Duncan throws a crazy, curved outlet pass, and Marco Bellinelli flips a no-look to Boris Diaw. Read More »

NBA / Dec 2, 2013 / 4:30 pm

The NBA’s 10 Best Frontcourts


Tim Duncan (photo. Mannion)

The NBA has evolved into an athletic, perimeter-heavy league. While this type of emphasis can excite the audience with spectacular plays, strong froncourts are still the belly of the beast for many teams. Teams that boast dominant frontcourts are a force to be reckoned with, especially in the postseason when the game slows down. Read More »

NBA / Sep 30, 2013 / 2:45 pm

The 15 Best Frontcourts In The NBA

Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan (photo. Jonathan Mannion)

Frontcourts are the backbone of every successful NBA team. No team has won a championship without a dominant frontcourt since Jordan‘s Bulls, and Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen could certainly play a little bit. The point guard craze has taken over the NBA, but when is that last time a team led by a point guard won the championship? You could argue Chauncey Billups with the Pistons in 2004, but other than that you have to go all the way back to Isaiah Thomas and the Bad Boy Pistons in 1990. Read More »

Fantasy Doctor, NBA / Aug 9, 2013 / 1:24 pm

The Top 60 Big Men In Fantasy Basketball

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard (design. Ryan Hurst)

While the whole country is gearing up for fantasy football, we here at Dime feel it’s never too early for fantasy basketball draft preparation. We’re in the process of breaking down each position into tiers, continuing in this post with the top spot belonging to the most sought-after free agent in the summer of 2013. Read More »

GIFs, NBA / Jun 18, 2013 / 11:15 am

The Top 16 GIFs Of The 2013 NBA Playoffs

lebron james block

If you’re like me, you don’t have the attention span to sit through the extra meat of a video clip to see what you came there for. That’s why the .gif is so great — it gets right to the point. So without further ado, here are the top 15 GIFs from this year’s playoff run. Read More »

NBA, Smack / Jun 9, 2013 / 10:25 pm

Video: LeBron James’ Incredible Block on Tiago Splitter’s Dunk Attempt

lebron james block

After we posted video of LeBron James stuffing a Tim Duncan shot at the rim, a bunch of haters immediately hit us with the “That’s not so impressive” nonsense.

Well how about this? Tiago Splitter tries to dunk on LeBron and it does not go well for him at all. This is incredible: Read More »

Smack / Mar 12, 2013 / 1:15 am

The Spurs Show Why They’re The Best In The West; Stephen Curry Destroys New York Again

Tiago Splitter

On the first day of the year AB (After Brandon), you couldn’t go 15 minutes without running into someone cracking a joke about the Dunk Heard ‘Round The World. We did our part, putting together 10 of the greatest facials in NBA history. Read More »

Smack / Feb 22, 2013 / 6:13 am

Kobe Bryant Guarantees a Lakers Playoff Spot; Tony Parker Dominates Chris Paul

Tony Parker

Tony Parker

We watched Thursday’s games expecting showdowns. We got two routs, with each one asking whether the result was more about the winners (San Antonio and Miami) or the losers (Los Angeles Clippers or Chicago). The answers aren’t black and white so, sorry if you expected a perfectly clear crystal ball with still about 25 games left in the regular season. All four teams did, however, leave powerful impressions. Read More »