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LeBron James On The Spurs: “They Don’t Like Us”

LeBron James, Tim Duncan

After San Antonio clinched the Western Conference with an OT Game 6 win in OKC, it set the stage for a rematch of the 2013 NBA Finals between the Spurs and Heat. Tim Duncan informed everyone, “we’re happy that it’s the Heat again,” which — if it wasn’t Duncan and the Spurs — might have been considered disrespectful to the back-to-back champs. LeBron James responded yesterday. Read More »

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Tim Duncan On NBA Finals Rematch: “We’re Happy That It’s The Heat Again”

LeBron James, Tim Duncan (Soobum Im, USATODAY)

With the San Antonio Spurs’ 112-107 overtime win over the Oklahoma City Thunder last night, Tim Duncan advanced to the sixth NBA Finals of his storied 17-year career. And though the only time he left the previous five without a title was last season against the Miami Heat, Duncan says that he is glad to get another shot at the two-time defending champions. Read More »

NBA / May 30, 2014 / 9:15 am

Video: Duncan & Ginobili Lead Spurs To Blowout Game 5 Win

Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan

Five games in the Western Conference Finals and five wins of nine points or more. After a first round that had our hearts straining to stay in our chests, the Western Conference Finals have been close, but somehow unexciting. Every home team has dominated their opponent and it happened again during Game 5 in San Antonio, led by the Spurs’ two oldest starters, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan. Read More »

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GIF: Tony Parker No-Look Hockey Assist

Tony Parker, Nick Collison, Caron Butler

The Conference Finals are in full swing in both the NBA and the NHL right now. Therefore, we can appreciate the all-important hockey assist in the basketball world a little more this time of year. Early in the first quarter of the Western Conference Finals’ Game 2 on Wednesday, Tony Parker showcased the beauty of a hockey assist on the hardwood. Read More »

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Tim Duncan’s Girlfriend Shames Charles Barkley

Vanessa Macias

Earlier in the 2014 NBA Playoffs, Charles Barkley insulted the women of San Antonio, with belittling comments about their supposed girth. It was about par for the course as far as misogyny in sports goes, and Chuck refused to apologize for the biting remarks. In San Antonio for Game 1 of the Western Conference finals last night multiple women called out Chuck with posters and t-shirts, including Tim Duncan‘s new girlfriend — who is definitely from San Antonio. Read More »

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Spurs Dominate Ibaka-Less Paint, Take Game 1 From OKC

Tim Duncan, Nick Collison, Kendrick Perkins

The Spurs may have deluded us into believing they were preparing for Serge Ibaka to rip off his warmups before Game 1 in San Antonio Monday night, but they didn’t play like he was in the game. San Antonio scored 66 points in the paint on their way to a dominating 122-105 Game 1 win over Oklahoma City. Read More »

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Will The Real Trail Blazers Please Stand Up?

Will Barton

Memphis by way of Baltimore? It doesn’t get much grimier than that. So is it any surprise that it was the rugged, skinny kid from Mobtown who had the Blazers’ backs when they needed it the most?

For more than a week now, the Blazers have been wondering what happened to their pride. In Game 4 against the Spurs, it was the inspiring, and improbable, play of Will Barton that showed everyone just what pride looks like. Read More »

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Damian Lillard Dunks All Over Tim Duncan

Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard (Jaime Valdez/USA TODAY Sports)

We all know Portland’s season is over. They won’t admit it just yet. But it’s probably over. Still, no one wants to get swept on their home floor and last night the Blazers turned up the heat against San Antonio in the second half, outscoring the visitors by 15 in the third quarter to push the series to a Game 5. Read More »

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The 10 Greatest Power Forwards In NBA History

Tim Duncan, DeAndre Jordan

Tim Duncan, DeAndre Jordan (Gary A. Vasquez/USA TODAY Sports)

The NBA has been a big man’s league for a long time, dating all the way back to George Mikan and Bill Russell. But as the center position has increasingly moved to the perimeter, the emphasis has shifted to the four man. In today’s game, a great power forward is tasked with everything from blocking shots to stretching the defense and making three-pointers. Read More »

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You Better Appreciate Tim Duncan & Dirk Nowitzki Before They Are Gone

Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki

One was born in West Germany during the Cold War to a pair of renowned athletes and destined to be a professional tennis player. The other is a Virgin Islands native who spent his youth dreaming of becoming an Olympic swimmer. Despite their upbringings on different sides of the globe, the careers of both Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan have become increasingly intertwined after 15-plus years of battling against each other in the Lone Star State. Read More »