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The Return Of UNDRCRWN x Master P Limited “Big Baller” T-Shirt

UNDRCRWN "Big Baller"

UNDRCRWN left a big imprint on NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans. Baron Davis, rocking the clothing line’s Winter 2013 collection, was featured in a two-part vignette on “Inside the NBA” centering on his attempted NBA comeback. (A spoof of Steve Nash‘s Grantland comeback video.) You might remember it–it was pretty amazing. UNDRCRWN also released the “Big Baller” t-shirt, an ode to Master P and the old school Cash Money “Pen & Pixel” album covers. Read More »

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UNDRCRWN “Shuttlesworth Piece”

UNDRCRWN "Black Jesus"

It’s been a while since I watched He Got Game, and yet it still remains one of my favorite movies of all time. Now, thanks to UNDRCRWN, Jesus Shuttlesworth is on his way back again. They are calling it the resurrection of the “Shuttlesworth (Black Jesus) Piece” (think Easter), and it’s UNDRCRWN’s first foray into jewelry. Read More »

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UNDRCRWN’s “Air 33″ Collection

UNDRCRWN's "Air 33" Collection

The 1990s birthed a lot. Among other things: bad fashion choices, a Chicago Bulls dynasty and “Bootleg” Bart Simpson. The famous television character was always considered anti-establishment, and that resulted in his figure becoming a viable part of ’90s clothing trends. Now he’s coming back again in a big way. Read More »

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UNDRCRWN ‘Young’ns’ & ‘Crwn Me’ NBA Finals T-Shirts


UNDRCRWN has a track record of making excellent basketball-inspired shirts and with the season coming to a close they have debuted two new Finals-related shirts.

For OKC Thunder fans, UNDRCRWN’S “Young’ns” tee is a must-have. Playing off the team’s logo and colors, the shirt pays homage to the greatness and future of the Thunder. Read More »

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Asher Roth x UNDRCRWN “College Champion” T-Shirt


With the 2012 National Championship taking place earlier this week, UNDRCRWN and Asher Roth came together again to create a dope t-shirt. This “College Champion” T is inspired by a famous Sports Illustrated 1977 cover with Indiana State’s Larry Bird. There are only 100 pieces available, so if I were you, I’d head over to UNDRCRWN’s online shop or get lucky and find one of the select shops and college campuses that carry it. Read More »

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UNDRCRWN “Players Are Greater Than Owners” T-Shirt

UNDRCRWN "Players Are Greater Than Owners" T-Shirt

Some debates live on forever. And after a 149-day lockout, it’s safe to say that NBA fans have some things to say. Now, UNDRCRWN gives you a chance to let your opinion be heard with their new “Greater Than” capsule collection. Of all the pieces, my favorite has to be this: Read More »

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UNDRCRWN x Compound Gallery “Jail Blazers” T-Shirt

UNDRCRWN x Compound Gallery "Jail Blazers" T-Shirt

When people talk about the most infamous teams in NBA history, it’s always fun to reminisce about the Portland Jail Blazers. Damon Stoudamire. J.R. Rider. Rasheed Wallace. The basketball world (and local authorities) couldn’t get enough. Now, continuing their signature “Dynasty” series, UNDRCRWN has teamed up with Portland’s Compound Gallery to give you a chance to own a piece of history. Read More »

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UNDRCRWN “Chin Check” T-Shirt

UNDRCRWN "Chin Check" T-Shirt

Some moments live on forever. This is one of those moments. I’m sure Chris Childs still talks to his boys about this, while Kobe has added some hardware to the mantle that’s allowed him to forget. Now, UNDRCRWN gives you a chance to read between the pixels to see hoop history repeat itself. Read More »

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UNDRCRWN “Miami Against The World” Foam Finger

UNDRCRWN "Miami Against The World" Foam Finger

I need to get something off my chest: I am obsessed with foam fingers. I don’t know what it is, but I think they’re awesome. In August, my friends at the Miami Heat sent me one of their three-player foam hands that had not one, not two, but three foam fingers to give love to Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James all at the same time. Now, with the NBA Finals just four wins away, UNDRCRWN has “flipped” the concept and has the perfect gift for Heat Nation. Read More »

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UNDRCRWN “Chicago’s Finest” T-Shirt

UNDRCRWN "Chicago's Finest" T-Shirt

Not that UNDRCRWN needed a reason to drop some new heat, but honoring the youngest MVP in league history is as good a time as any. Sprinkled with iconic Chi-Town graphics, the “Chicago’s Finest” tee is a must-have for any fan of No. 1. Check it out in three colors after the jump. Read More »