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Carmelo Anthony Blasts the Heat for 50; An Ex-NBA Player is Indicted on Murder Charges

Carmelo Anthony

So wait, you’re telling us that wasn’t Carmelo Anthony‘s “Better Basketball” Mid-Range Shooting clinic DVD that TNT was running last night? If it wasn’t it could have been. ‘Melo gave the Miami Heat the hot plate, busting Shane Battier and Udonis Haslem over and over again with a steady diet of jumpers, pullups and fadeaways to the tune of 50 points in a 102-90 victory for the Knicks in Florida … Carmelo’s performance was wildly efficient, especially by his standards: 50 points in 40 minutes on 18-26 shooting (7-10 from three) and 7-8 from the foul line. For the most part, Miami chose not to double-team Carmelo, leaving Battier or whoever was matched up with him on an island to get their eyes shot out … By the way, remember two weeks ago when people were worried that ‘Melo’s knee was shredded?Read More »

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From Dime 72: Jacki Gemelos’ Last Shot

Jacki Gemelos

This feature was originally printed in Dime 72. Check your local newsstands now to see the piece in its entirety…

There was a time when Jacki Gemelos was thought to be the first high school player who could potentially go straight to the WNBA. But after enduring five devastating ACL reconstructions in the last six years, Jacki Gemelos improbably still has one last shot at making her WNBA dreams come true. Read More »

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DeMar DeRozan: See Me Now

DeMar DeRozan

*DeMar DeRozan got a taste of fame at an early age – it just wasn’t his own. A childhood friend and AAU teammate of Romeo Miller, better known as Lil’ Romeo, the Compton kid was exposed to the celebrity lifestyle before he even reached high school. But now in his third season with the Raptors, DeRozan has made it on his own.

This feature was originally published in Dime #68, on newsstands now.* Read More »

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2011-12 USC Trojans Team Intro Video

2011-12 USC Trojans Team Intro Video

While the Trojans decide to highlight some of their NBA success stories, there are two guys noticeably missing: O.J. Mayo and Brian Scalabrine. I can legally understand one, but the other just baffles me. Read More »

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Nike Hyperdunk 2010 – USC Player Exclusive

Nike Hyperdunk 2010 - USC Player Exclusive

If you’ve been checking the hardwood during March Madness, you’ve most likely noticed that a bunch of guys have been wearing the Nike Hyperdunk 2010. With that said, check out what Nike Basketball put together for USC this season. Maybe it’s the colorway, or maybe it’s the school logo on the tongue, but either way I like it. Check ‘em out: Read More »

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Blake Griffin Does His Best Mars Blackmon Impersonation

There were rumors (and photos) percolating all over the interwebs last week that Blake Griffin (not Spike Lee) was dressing up as the legendary Mars Blackmon for an upcoming photo shoot, but no one seemed to know what it was for. Now we know. Watch Mars BlakeMan ask USC tight end Jordan Cameron what makes him so great. Will this help his NFL Draft stock this year? Probably not. But it will make for a good promotional video to show his grandkids.

Read More »

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Nike Zoom Kobe VI – USC Player Exclusive

Nike Zoom Kobe VI - USC Player Exclusive

USC junior guard James Dunleavy doesn’t play much for the Trojans. In fact, he’s only appeared in five games all year. But by putting in the work day in and day out, he still gets laced. With that, check out his exclusive colorway of the Nike Zoom Kobe VI. Read More »

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Where Are They Now: Harold Miner

It’s been a minute since we’ve done a Where Are They Now? feature on the site, and this one kind of just fell into our laps. In his first interview in over a decade, Harold Miner is finally ready to talk. “I just think it’s time,” says Miner, now 39 years old. “It’s been a long time.” A two-time NBA Slam Dunk champion, Sports Illustrated‘s College Basketball Player of the Year over the likes Shaquille O’Neal and Christian Laettner, you can understand why at one point in time people used to call him “Baby Jordan.” But nowadays, Harold is just fine. Read More »

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Postseason Or Not, USC’s Mike Gerrity Has The Trojans Thinking Pac-10 Title

USC's Mike Gerrity

Relevance is always an issue in collegiate athletics. Coaches will change, players will cycle through programs and records will fluctuate year-to-year; the “what have you done for me lately” mentality will always take over eventually. Lately, all signs coming out of Hollywood and the Southern Cal campus should point to throwing up a white flag on the current season. Thanks to former Trojan O.J. Mayo and the USC booster that supplemented him with compensation as a recruit, the NCAA has been sanctioned to dismiss any postseason for USC this year. No Pac-10 tournament, no NIT and certainly no NCAA come March. As USC wallows in the mud of basketball purgatory, the team actually – on the surface only I’m sure – remains upbeat about its current situation; although I doubt if Ovinton J’Anthony received any Trojan holiday greeting cards this past Christmas. Read More »

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Clip Of The Day: Hitler Finds Out Lane Kiffin Left Tennessee

We don’t normally post non-basketball related videos on the site, but this is kind of hilarious. No stranger to controversy, you can see Hitler‘s reaction to when Lane Kiffin left Tennessee.