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NBA / Oct 19, 2014 / 10:45 pm

Video: Watch Alec Burks Embarrass Kobe Bryant, Lakers With Sick Crossover

Kobe Bryant, Alec Burks

Kobe Bryant might still be an offensive force, but his play on the other end has quietly been a liability for the past few seasons. If the Los Angeles Lakers tasked their living legend with defending top-tier wings instead of the opponent’s worst perimeter threat, his defensive deficiencies would be common knowledge. This epic crossover by Alec Burks that left Kobe and his teammates embarrassed are further of evidence that sad reality. Read More »

GIFs, NBA / Oct 17, 2014 / 1:15 pm

Video: Kobe Scores 27 Points In 27 Mins; Still Losses By 33

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant took 23 shots in 27 minutes last night (it was actually 27:59, but it makes the headline better), and he made 10 of them. He dropped 27 points in those minutes, and his Lakers lost by 33. While we’re pretty confident Kobe will humiliate Carlos Boozer in LA’s next practice, lets marvel at the Mamba’s possible return to a scoring apex he achieved during his 81-point-game season. Read More »

Video / Oct 17, 2014 / 12:45 pm

Watch Rookie Dante Exum Flash Offensive Dominance In Utah’s Rout Of The Lakers

Dante Exum

Dante Exum (Kirby Lee, USATODAY)

Dante Exum turned heads early at Las Vegas Summer League before struggling down the stretch. And while most assumed the 19 year-old Australian star would be a key fixture for his country at the FIBA World Cup, Exum was instead relegated to bit player. So after those labors came further adjusted expectations for his rookie season with the Utah Jazz. Read More »

GIFs, NBA / Oct 14, 2014 / 12:15 pm

Video: Chris Paul Crossover & Lob To DeAndre Jordan

Trey Burke, Chris Paul

It wasn’t just Derrick Rose who showed off the handles in preseason action last night. Chris Paul shook Trey Burke by faking towards DeAndre Jordan‘s high screen, only to cross over to his right. Once in the lane, Paul lobbed it to DJ for the easy slam. If you want to study how to run the high screen and roll, this sequence by CP3 and DJ is a perfect example. Read More »

GIFs, NBA / Oct 14, 2014 / 10:15 am

GIF: Blake Fakes & Finishes With The Soaring Jam

Blake Griffin

While Clippers power forward Blake Griffin worked on his stroke this offseason, and appears to have added a three-pointer into his bag of offensive tricks, he’s still the same guy who jumped over a Kia. Blake showed off his range and what that range means for him on the offensive end last night in Utah with 31 points in less than 30 minutes. Read More »

Video / Oct 10, 2014 / 3:30 pm

Alec Burks Shows Off Quick Explosiveness With Dunk On Thomas Robinson

Alec Burks

Alec Burks (photo. _MarcusD_ GIF)

Before the Utah Jazz’s Gordon Hayward posterized Joel Freeland for the dunk of the preseason in his team’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers last night, teammate Alec Burks made a strong submission of his own. And while Burks’ slam isn’t quite on the level of Hayward’s, yamming on Thomas Robinson is a bit more impressive than catching Freeland. Read More »

Video / Oct 9, 2014 / 11:45 pm

Dunk Of The Preseason? Watch Gordon Hayward Embarrass Joel Freeland

Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward

If this is the type of play that becomes routine for Gordon Hayward going forward, he’ll more than justify the max contract awarded him by the Utah Jazz this summer. Read More »

NBA / Oct 7, 2014 / 4:00 pm

Road To Recovery: Warriors Wing Brandon Rush

Brandon Rush

If you follow the league closely you know that it takes all types of players to construct a team. From stars, to veterans to role players, it takes the right mix of talent, experience and egos to propel an organization to its highest level. In this installment of our Road to Recovery series we catch up with Brandon Rush from the Golden State Warriors. He’s been a very good role player throughout his career who owns a 40 percent career average shooting from deep. But now he wants to carve out any niche the Warriors may need without any real agenda of his own. Read More »

Smack / Sep 25, 2014 / 2:30 pm

Andrew Bogut Says Dante Exum Critics “Need To Pull Their Heads Out”

Andrew Bogut

Utah Jazz rookie Dante Exum was barely a blip on the radar for Australia at the FIBA World Cup. The fifth pick of the 2014 draft averaged just 2.7 points and 12 minutes per game while shooting 33 percent from the field in Spain, paltry numbers that were even inflated due to Australia resting its starters for a game that Exum scored 12 points and played 31 minutes. Some league followers took Exum’s basic FIBA no-show as further confirmation that he simply isn’t ready for NBA competition in 2014-2015. For those detractors, fellow countryman and Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut has some pointed advice. Read More »

Latest News / Sep 3, 2014 / 3:45 pm

Jeremy Evans Breaks Own Vertical Record By Touching 12-Feet, 9-Inches

Jeremy Evans

Andrew Wiggins broke it, then Jeremy Evans took it right back. And just a couple months later, Evans has raised the bar again. The Utah Jazz pogo stick set a new P3 Sports Science record yesterday by touching a mind-blowing 12-feet, 9-inches. Read More »