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NBA / Jan 9, 2013 / 1:30 pm

The Top 20 Trash Talkers In NBA History

Kevin Garnett

*With all of the recent events surrounding the Carmelo Anthony/Kevin Garnett feud, and the trash talk involved that lit the Internet on fire, we figured it was a good time to repost our piece on the top 20 trash talkers of all time, originally published in October of 2012.*

David Stern and the rest of the suits might be charged with trying to take the fun out of the NBA, but trash talk will never die. Read More »

Smack / Sep 3, 2012 / 1:00 am

Dwight Howard Loves Orlando; Brandon Knight Isn’t A Brand Name

Dwight Howard

We’re guessing the person at the Orlando Sentinel‘s ad department laughed it off as a crank call at first. We’d like to place an ad for Dwight Howard thanking Orlando. Ha ha, yeah right but I have to get back to work. But no, this was very real and very surreal. The money for the full-page ad in Sunday’s edition of the newspaper has probably already been cashed, but we’re of the thinking the supposed empathy behind the move would bounce like a bad check. Read More »

Featured Gallery, NBA / Oct 3, 2011 / 1:00 pm

The Dime Lockout Survival Guide

Josh McRoberts

When my wife found me I was laying on the floor. I was curled in the fetal position, wearing my replica 2004 Olympics Argentina basketball jersey. I had laid all my Josh McRoberts rookie cards in a circle around myself, like a protective force field. Read More »

NBA / May 26, 2009 / 12:00 pm

NBA Fantasy Finals: 2003 Nets vs. 1995 Rockets

Clyde Drexler

To clarify: Our NBA Fantasy Finals have nothing to do with the stat-driven “fantasy basketball” you play online. We’re taking NBA Finals teams throughout history and pitting them against each other to see what you think would happen. Assume both lineups are healthy, and the older team gets homecourt. Today it’s The Dream and The Glide versus J-Kidd and some guys who made a lot of money off of him … Read More »