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NBA, Video, We Reminisce / Jun 28, 2013 / 11:00 am

We Reminisce: New Celtics Teammates Rajon Rondo and Kris Humphries Brawl

Rajon Rondo

So, hey Rajon Rondo, not only are you the only remaining player on Celtics Island, but you also get to lose a TON of games with one of your best buddies. Read More »

NBA, Pat's Sixers Blog, Video / Jun 13, 2013 / 5:15 pm

We Reminisce: Magic Johnson Starts at Center, Destroys Sixers in Game 6 of the 1980 NBA Finals

magic johnson

By now you may have seen the news that LeBron James might be starting at center tonight against the San Antonio Spurs. Before you start snorting about how Erik Spoelstra and the Heat are desperately grasping at straws to save their asses, take a step back for a second. Could this actually be a stroke of genius? Could this be a mind game move on the Phil Jackson level? Read More »

NBA, Video / May 20, 2013 / 1:55 pm

Dikembe Mutombo Brags to Michael Jordan’s Face About Never Getting Dunked On, Pays Dearly [Video]

michael jordan

I truly love everything about this video. Setting: 1997 NBA All-Star Game in the Eastern Conference locker room. Watch as Dikembe Mutombo talks trash to Michael Jordan‘s face about how in ‘Dik’s six years in the NBA, MJ has never dunked on him. Mutombo calls in in Scottie Pippen (who is apparently “The Decider” of all things MJ-related) to back him up.

You can guess what happens a few weeks later. Read More »

NBA, Pat's Sixers Blog, Video, We Reminisce / May 16, 2013 / 10:37 am

We Reminisce: Allen Iverson Collects MVP Award, Gives Vince Carter and the Raptors 52 Points

allen iverson 52 points

On this day in 2001, Allen Iverson was presented with his NBA MVP Award before Game 5 of his Sixers’ Eastern Conference Semi-Finals series against Vince Carter and the Toronto Raptors. [Check out A.I., White Chocolate and the 20 Best Crossovers in NBA History]

How did the shortest MVP in NBA history follow up his award presentation? By putting 52 points on the VC and the Raps – his second 50-point performance of the series. Read More »

College / Mar 13, 2013 / 6:14 pm

We Reminisce: Bryce Drew’s Amazing NCAA Buzzer-Beater Dropped 15 Years Ago Today

bryce drew shot

Let’s all wish a happy birthday to one of the greatest shots in all of basketball history. 15 years ago today, No. 13-seed Valparaiso’s Bryce Drew buried this iconic buzzer beater in Oklahoma City to upset 4-Seed Ole Miss in the first round of the 1998 NCAA Tournament. Read More »

NBA, We Reminisce / Sep 5, 2012 / 12:30 pm

We Reminisce: Derrick Rose’s Incredible Playoff Debut

Derrick Rose

The last NBA Rookie of the Year to make the playoffs in the same season was Amar’e Stoudemire in 2002-03. This is a boring, unremarkable fact. Derrick Rose was next to do it in 2009, but his game won’t be remembered that he took part so much as who he took apart — the defending champion Boston Celtics at home. He dropped an eye-popping 36 points (tying a debut record) and 11 assists on the second-seeded Celtics on the road. Chicago walked away the 105-103 winner. It may be subjective, but doesn’t thinking that it could be a very long time before anyone comes close to Rose’s feat feel like bedrock truth? Caught in summer doldrums thinking about some of the best, recent performances and the chances they’ll be replicated bring me to the rookie’s performance, which was the start to the most entertaining first-round series I’ve ever watched. Read More »

NBA, We Reminisce / Jul 13, 2012 / 2:30 pm

We Reminisce: When Shaq Was Supposed To Play Hakeem 1-On-1

Hakeem Olajuwon

As we showed you earlier today, Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant have agreed to play one-on-one for $50,000, which will go to charity. This isn’t the first challenge issued among stars, however. Back in 1990, Magic Johnson was supposed to play Michael Jordan, but that got cancelled. Perhaps the most famous one-on-one challenge was supposed to be between Shaquille O’Neal and Hakeem Olajuwon. The game had a sponsor in Taco Bell, a venue in the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City and was supposed to go down on September 30th, 1995. The “Taco Bell One-On-One Championship,” otherwise known as “The War on the Floor,” was going to be a pay-per-view event available nationwide, but sadly it was cancelled due to Hakeem’s ailing back. Read More »

NBA, We Reminisce / Apr 23, 2012 / 12:00 pm

We Reminisce: Michael Jordan Drops 50 In Consecutive Playoff Games

Michael Jordan

You’re Cleveland.

It’s May 1, 1988. Your city hasn’t won a pro sports title in 40 years. It’s been a decent season, finishing 42-40, eight games behind the team you’re about to meet in the playoffs’ first round: Chicago. Your reward is a date with league MVP Michael Jordan.

You don’t know it yet, but you’re about to be an answer to a trivia question and another chapter the city’s heartbreak by the lake. Read More »