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Smack / Mar 14, 2012 / 12:44 am

The Lakers Win With A Dominating Duo; Dwight Howard Creates A Mess In Orlando

Andrew Bynum

David Stern, if you’re reading, please give us seven more games of this. Lakers. Grizzlies. In one of those back-n-forth games that causes your life to stop in its tracks for like 45 minutes, the Lakers rode Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum to a double-OT 116-111 W in Memphis. Down the stretch, Bryant (34 points) was either making perfect decisions with the ball or Bynum (37 points, 16 rebounds, three missed shots) was powering it through the rim, all while the Grizzlies resorted to chucking up threes (We’re looking at you, Juice) at a rate not seen since J.R. Smith was sampling Chinese food … Read More »

Overseas, Video / Dec 15, 2011 / 6:30 pm

Sergio Kerusch’s Dunk Of The Year Candidate That Nobody Saw

Sergio Kerusch

It didn’t make ESPN BottomLine when former Western Kentucky standout Sergio Kerusch signed a three-year deal to play professionally for Aris Thessaloniki in Greece this August. But this dunk should have made SportsCenter. If you’re wondering who got destroyed, that’s former UNC Greensboro star Kyle Hines playing for Olympiacos. Ouch. Read More »