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College / Mar 24, 2010 / 4:18 pm

My Top 10 Favorite Washington Huskies of the Past 25 Years

Nate Robinson at UW

Parity is real in college basketball. For the Dime editorial team, that was never more clear than a couple days ago when somebody pitched the idea that we make up lists of our Top-10 favorite players from each the Sweet Sixteen programs, and we quickly realized there aren’t that many tradition-rich options on the board. Ranking your 10 favorite Baylor basketball players would be like making an all-time Charlotte Bobcats team. Read More »

D-League / Jan 26, 2010 / 4:30 pm

The D-League Hot Hand List


In the past few weeks, NBA teams have been reaching into the D-League pool incessantly. Since our last D-League Hot Hand post on Jan. 11, there have been four more D-League call ups: Mario West (Hawks), Anthony Tolliver (Warriors), JamesOn Curry (Clippers) and Cedric Jackson (Cavs). The total of D-Leaguers called up in the 2009-10 season is now up to nine.

On top of guys earning 10 day contracts, several former D-League players have been making some noise. Sundiata Gaines hit a game winner against the Cavs a couple of weeks ago and has recently been signed for the rest of the season. With NBA players getting injured left and right, expect more and more D-Leaguers to get promoted in the coming weeks. Here are five players we think will be next. Read More »

NBA, Where Are They Now? / Nov 4, 2009 / 9:30 am

Where Are They Now: Chris Porter

Chris Porter

When it came down to providing college basketball highlights, Chris Porter basically owned SportsCenter from 1998-2000. With his signature ‘fro and freakish athleticism, the All-American from Auburn dazzled crowds around the SEC with his arsenal of dunks. Along with point guard Doc Robinson, Auburn was one of the most electric teams in the entire country. Read More »

NBA / Sep 30, 2009 / 11:34 am

5 Free Agents With A Chance To Crack A Roster

Will Conroy

Everybody loves to root for the underdog. I’ve watched enough summer leagues and D-League reality shows to appreciate the hustle professional basketball players who are not in the NBA have. A lot of times, these players turn down big money overseas to take their chances in an NBA training camp to reach their dream. Here are five dreamers whose gamble could pay off. Read More »

NBA / Apr 24, 2009 / 10:00 am

Brandon Roy: The Natural

Brandon Roy (photo. Aaron Hewitt)

Brandon Roy‘s NBA postseason baptism was harsh; a 30-point blowout loss at home. In his next game, though, Roy responded like the superstar he is, dropping 42 points and taking over the fourth quarter. With Blazers/Rocket tied at one game apiece, tonight Portland’s franchise player is under the microscope to deliver again. In our Dime #48 (on newsstands now) cover story, we explored Roy’s newfound status as one of the League’s VIPs.

Read More »

Smack / Apr 12, 2009 / 5:08 am

Who’s afraid of the Bulls?

Derrick Rose, Dime #32

Three things happened with Chicago’s win over the Bobcats last night: Derrick Rose locked up Rookie of the Year (QB’ing his team to a .500 record and a playoff berth as an everyday starter is good enough for us; it’s also why Mario Chalmers deserves more credit than he’s getting); Ben Gordon ensured himself a hefty pay raise this summer (and made the Luol Deng contract look even worse); and the Bulls kept themselves in position to go as high as the 5th seed in the East … Read More »

NBA / Mar 6, 2009 / 11:47 am

The 10 Hottest NBA Development League Standouts


Now that James White (of legitimate free-throw line dunk contest fame) has taken the big leap from the D-League to the Houston Rockets, we’re on the lookout for the next D-Leaguer bound for the League. Check out these 10 guys who have been killing it as of late.

10. Jared Jordan – Everybody’s favorite Marist guard, Jared Jordan led the nation in assists in college, just under 9 per night. It seemed as though his dream of playing in the NBA was fading at the beginning of this season, when he finished December averaging 4.8 points and 4.2 assists. But he’s come on incredibly strong as of late, proving to be one of the best passers in the D-League. Read More »