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NBA / Jan 9, 2013 / 1:30 pm

The Top 20 Trash Talkers In NBA History

Kevin Garnett

*With all of the recent events surrounding the Carmelo Anthony/Kevin Garnett feud, and the trash talk involved that lit the Internet on fire, we figured it was a good time to repost our piece on the top 20 trash talkers of all time, originally published in October of 2012.*

David Stern and the rest of the suits might be charged with trying to take the fun out of the NBA, but trash talk will never die. Read More »

NBA / Jun 17, 2010 / 4:20 pm

Game 7: Who do you got?

Paul Pierce

Don’t tell anybody, but I dropped my journalistic objectivity a few games ago and have undeniably been pulling for one team to win the 2010 NBA Finals:

The Boston Celtics.

It almost bothers me to say that, because for the most part, I’ve never liked the C’s. Read More »

NBA / Mar 17, 2010 / 5:02 pm

My Top 10 Favorite Sonics of the Past 25 Years


My favorite team wore green, too. No, the Seattle Supersonics don’t perfectly blend into the St. Patrick’s Day theme — we damn sure aren’t lucky, although the whole situation does make you feel like drinking sometimes — but I’m going to steal Aron’s idea anyway and commemorate the holiday with my 10 favorite Sonics: Read More »

NBA / Dec 15, 2009 / 6:11 pm

Trading Away The Future

Andrew Bynum (photo. Jeff Forney)

Of all the WTF-inducing headlines I expected to see coming from Golden State Warriors camp this season, Anthony Randolph is on the trading block” definitely wasn’t one of them.

Not to say I straight-up inhaled the Kool-Aid being served around the Bay Area over the summer, but I could originally see why a lot of people would think Randolph is the future of the franchise. Read More »

Smack / May 8, 2009 / 4:59 am

LeBron: Looking for competition

LeBron James

Following up all the drama and intrigue and controversy of Lakers vs. Rockets and Kobe vs. Ron-Ron and Derek Fisher‘s shoulder vs. Luis Scola‘s face, LeBron and the Cavs gave a long and kind of boring display — at the expense of the Hawks — that across-the-board domination can be pretty, well, boring. Cleveland has won every game this postseason by double digits, and the last four have been 20-piecings … Just like in Game One, LeBron (27 pts, 4 stls) tried to get the whole “competitive” part out of the way before halftime. Read More »